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Product Safety

MVP is committed to the highest level of safety for our customers and organization. We believe that safety is the most important aspect of the oil and gas industry. We strive to set the standard for safety within our service area and beyond.

Propane Safety

For more information on Propane Safety click here.

We strongly urge that you call MVP's licensed propane professionals for repairs or maintenance. Please do not attempt to modify or repair your propane tank or LP gas system. 

Lubricant Safety

These partners provide MVP's lubricant products.Click the links to visit their websites for product Data Sheets and SDS sheets.

MVP cautions consumers and people working with heavy machinery to be aware of the dangers involved when lubricating and keeping your machines running smoothly. 

Septic System Safety

Proper septic tank and drainfield maintenance is vital to the health of your family. Septic system failure can cause toxic compounds from wastewater to enter your home’s water supply. To avoid system overload and keep the bacteria that treat your wastewater flourishing, follow these tips.

Septic Tank Dos and Don’ts