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A&L Oil Company 1947-1978















Alex J. Froelich and Leo J. Eckroth founded A&L Oil Company in 1947. Following the passing of Alex in August of 1961, his son Richard purchased the company from his uncle, Leo J. Eckroth. Richard operated the business as a sole proprietorship from 1961 to 1978. During this time, A & L Oil Company was a distributor and commissioned agent for Exxon Company USA.

In June of 1969 Exxon combined the Mandan operation and the Bismarck operation. This allowed Richard to purchase the business from the former owner, E.A. Landerholm, and operate both locations.

Froelich Oil Company 1978-2000


On November 1, 1978 Exxon sold the bulk operation located at 2222 East Front in Bismarck and seven Bismarck-Mandan service stations to Richard and his wife, Lorraine. At this time Richard and Lorraine incorporated the business under the name Froelich Oil Company.

Beginning in 1978 the company evolved from primarily a farm based products distributor into a company which not only supplied farms with products, but also provided service stations with gas and accessories while owning and operating 5 stores.

Missouri Valley Petroleum (MVP) 2000-TODAY

Missouri Valley Petroleum (MVP) was established on January 1, 2000 with the merger of ZORA Inc. and Froelich Oil Company. The merger brought together two companies in the same industry, but focused on different areas of trade. ZORA Inc., a Conoco light oils and lubricants distributor, focused primarily on wholesale gasoline, lubricants, propane and farm delivery. Froelich Oil Company, an Amoco, Conoco and Exxon distributor, centered predominately around the wholesale, lubricants and retail gasoline operations.


In July 2009, J5 Transport merged with MVP and became a subsidiary of MVP. The merger allowed J5 and MVP to provide a full line of wholesale and transport services to its customers.


Beginning in 2010, MVP expanded its Belfield operation to provide petroleum products and services to the oilfield industry in western North Dakota, utilizing our Belfield and Williston terminals.  Today, Missouri Valley Petroleum is a diverse petroleum products distributor with 6 retail locations in Bismarck, Mandan, and Rugby. In addition, to representing branded motor fuel and lubricants in its marketing area, MVP is the market leader in farm and commercial fuel, and construction and residential propane sales and service. With offices and terminal plants in Mandan, Belfield and Williston, MVP is the one-stop provider for all your petroleum needs and services.


MVP also provides Septic Service through its partnership with Big Muddy Septic Services.



On August 28, 2018 Parkland Fuel Corporation, announced the acquisition of Missouri Valley Petroeleum to drive growth in commerical fuels across North Dakota and the Region.